5 Highly Recommended Social Media Network Sites For Business

Hello, Minders !! Today everyone is looking for traffic in the blog. And I am going to tell you a bitter truth. that you will not proceed with any business without these 5 main Network sites. And especially bloggers. You need a lot of these sites. many people today who are earning Thousand dollars by Social media sites. Whether it be any field. when I was doing work in the PTC program, then I was found 100 Active Referrals in Probux PTC by social media network sites. in 1.5 years I earned $ 1,455 in probux and also earned in other PTC. And then Probux turned to scam. I stood at the feet by probux PTC company. And Probus PTC has given me a new direction. then i left PTC program. so, this is the power of social media sites. If you want to know something related to earnings, visit our new blog. According to my, Blogging with Google Adsense is the no.1 online business in the world. so it’s my first choice.SEO is the Main source of organic traffic in blogging. but social media sharing is also a highly recommended part of blogging. you can’t ignore it. I Explained below about popular social media network sites.


Facebook network Founded February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. it is Very popular network. People promoting business through Facebook groups and Facebook fan page. you may add up to 5,000 Friends in Facebook. Promoting your article in Facebook is the plus point For your blog. also Create your own Facebook Business group and Your Facebook Fan page. stay active on Facebook,share your content regularly on Facebook,do not do spamming and keep a clean profile. Facebook is very easy and any person can use it. also You can find unlimited traffic from Facebook Network. just share unique content.


Twitter founded on  21 March 2006 by  Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone. Twitter’s headquarters have in San Francisco and the California. Twitter is largest network after Facebook. you may post 140 characters message and also you can add image. twitter is the paradise for business.also you get followers easily and it’s not difficult. Twitter comfortable platform for online business promoter,Blogger and marketers. Also you connect largest group of people By twitter.


Wonderful designed Pinterest launched on March 2010. These photo-based network which today has become very popular network. also you can find followers easily in pinterest. it’s recommended to use this for your business. Create your board and pin your awesome business related pictures in pinterest for better result. do not do spamming because it’s irritate other people.


linkedin is also known as in. linkedin founded on December 2002. you may post image and words. share your new business content regularly for better result and stay active. you can connect facebook with linkedin. linkedin is largest social media  after facebook and twitter. Connect with linkedin and read news and share your content with users easily.

So in this article, You See What is the value of  Social media networks? and what are the top 5 social media sites in the world? and which is the best platform for Business ?. and I hope you found your answer here. Share your thoughts below by comment to inspire our readers. thank you.

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